Hanover - Business Directory Help Document

(For Mobile Users)


Map Controls

The maps contains UI elements to allow user interaction with the map. These elements are known as controls and users can interact with these controls.

The Fullscreen control offers the option to open the map in fullscreen mode.

The Zoom control displays "+" and "-" buttons and users can change the zoom level of the map.

The Street View control contains a Pegman icon which can be dragged onto the map to enable Street View.


Geolocation- Capture Your Location

Geolocation refers to the identification of the geographic location of a user. Using this, Users can determine their position on map. And user should locate inside Hanover city otherwise map can't zoom your current location and message will popup.

If User is not located inside Hanover City



Users can add place and view it publicly on map. With the help of this popup (Add A Place), User will provide some information about place and this place will be available publicly.

Users can view search deatils with the help of List View . You can see list of search name, address , location type and Zoom To option , With the help of Zoom To option you can zoom in specific location respectively.


Get Directions and Suggest Edits

User can get directions by adding their current location either type address or with the help of geolocation.

User can also edit their location by using suggest edit button.



Users can view quickly relavant data on map by clicking those categories.Each category have relevant subcategories, with the help of checking one by one, users can relevant view in detail on map.