About the Hanover Township Business Directory App (Phase 1)

The development of this Application was led by the Economic Development Advisory Committee and funded by the Township of Hanover to help support and revitalize the businesses of Hanover Township. We hope it will make it easy for Hanover Township residents to find and support our local businesses. Future releases will add features that will support a Hanover Township Shop Local Community affording promotions and special events to residents.

Please help us build upon this first phase of the Directory App by saving it as a favorite link/bookmark and using it regularly. We hope you like it and welcome your feedback and suggestions that you can submit through the side panel in the App, or here.

The App is based upon Google Maps data that is filtered to identify businesses within the Township. If you can find a particular business in a Google Maps search, it will be in our Directory App. If not, the business will be able to add it through the App.

At this time, you can search for businesses by name, address or category/type. Results are identified on a map of the Township or in a list presented through a side panel where a host of business type subcategories can also be selected.

A specific business can be selected by clicking on its icon location presented on the map that brings up an info pop-up. The pop-up info includes a link to the business' web site, a street view, means to submit suggested edits of information, and directions to that business. The App also supports links to the Hanover Township's web site, the Municipal Directory and a means to submit feedback and suggestions in the side panel.

Thank you for your support!

The Economic Develop Advisory Committee (EDAC)